Our Favorite Triumph Cocktails & Wine

March 13 2018 | Dining

Here at Triumph Hotels, our hospitality not only includes luxury suites and modern amenities, but an impressive array of cocktails and wine served at our very own bars and restaurants. Enjoy this list of our favorite libations to help kick...

All the Instagram Buzz About Bond 45 & Friedmans at Hotel Edison

December 20 2017 | Dining

It’s no secret that Hotel Edison is a gem — an Art Deco masterpiece, rich in style and history plus a frequent location for movie shoots.But maybe you haven’t heard of two recent additions to the Hotel Edison experience. The...

Celebrate Movember with Frederick’s Mustache

November 14 2017 | Dining

Movember started in 2003 as just a fun challenge between 30 or so “Mo Bros” in Australia — could they revive a natural-yet-obsolete facial fashion statement? With that, the mustaches began to grow. And so did the movement. Today, Movember...

The Best Places To Eat In Hell’s Kitchen

November 07 2017 | Dining

It’s the home of Matthew Murdock, aka “Dare Devil,” and of Jessica Jones, another Marvel superhero turned Netflix sensation. We’re talking about Hell’s Kitchen. Maybe you thought it was like “Gotham,” a fictional urban town based upon a real-life city....

How to Start Everyday the Right Way in NYC

September 19 2017 | Dining

Your parents always told you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But this is New York City. The city that never sleeps. Not just any breakfast will do. The coffee should be robust and flavorful, the...

Legendary Pizza Comes to Frederick Hotel

August 10 2017 | Dining

Serafina’s pizza is delicious. And the story of how the pizza came to be? Legendary. Vittorio Assaf and Fabio Granato were lost at sea. Adrift in a small sail boat and wearing nothing but their bathing suits, the two men...

NYC Restaurant Week

January 15 2016 | Dining

New York City is known for the variety of food and restaurant offerings. Whether you are in the mood for a vegan burger or a nice juicy large steak here in NYC you will always find a place that serves...

Best Desserts in Downtown NYC

January 19 2015 | Dining

New York City offers a vast selection of restaurants and coffee shops with all different types of foods and desserts. But more options you have harder it is to choose the right one. And when we say the right one...


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