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Plan Your Next NYC Event or Meeting at a Triumph Hotel

November 22 2017 | Travel Tips

Whether you work for an international corporation or creative startup — or anything in between — there’s value in getting out of the office. A new environment often inspires fresh ideas, new insights, better morale, and more camaraderie between coworkers. And...

Must-Have Experiences This Winter in NYC

October 20 2017 | Travel Tips

Winter is coming ... and in New York, that’s a good thing. So many charming and wonderful memories can be made here during the winter months. Even if (and perhaps especially if ) winter isn’t your favorite season, it’s worth...

Uber vs. Yellow Cab in New York City

July 20 2017 | Travel Tips

You may know Uber. But Uber in New York City is on a different level, especially if you’re accustomed to cities that are less active. Plus, in New York City there’s alway the option to take a traditional taxi cab. ...

5 Tips for Enjoying the St. Patrick's Day Parade

March 15 2017 | Travel Tips

It’s a parade older than the United States itself. Every March since 1762, the Irish have paraded through the streets of New York, embedding this tradition into the fabric of the city. It has endured through two centuries, the switch...

Solo In The City: How To Make The Most Out Of "You Time" in Manhattan

November 24 2015 | Travel Tips

When you stay at the Washington Jefferson Hotel you’ll be surrounded by a variety of things to do in NYC by yourself. In “The City That Never Sleeps,” you’ll discover a vast array of opportunities to immerse yourself in iconic...

Your Guide to a Perfect Manhattan Day

October 26 2015 | Travel Tips

Make it as perfect a day as possible with our handy guide to the essential stops on a classic New York trip. When you stay at Washington Jefferson Hotel, you’re just moments away from some of the most sought-after attractions...

Explore, Experience & Embark on the Top 10 Things to Do in NYC

October 14 2015 | Travel Tips

New York moves fast, but you can have it all when you stay at the Washington Jefferson Hotel. Whether you’re traveling with someone special on a romantic escape, on your own to discover a new city, or with the entire...


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