Free Movies — and Popcorn! — at Hudson River Park

July 31 2017 | Events

Since the dawn of time, people have gathered around an evening fire to unwind from the day and tell stories. Sometimes with true tales of heroism and honor. Sometimes with fictional fantasies taking place in wild, imaginary worlds. 

And sometimes with frightening stories that left their fire-side audiences nestled in tight bunches, shaking with fear.

We love stories.

Whether it’s on the page, on the stage, or in a packed cinema, storytelling is at the heart of what it means to be human. 

Around the fire or in front of a screen, stories are best heard — and seen — together. 

That’s what’s at the heart of Hudson RiverFlicks. 

And you’re invited.

Hudson RiverFlicks Big Hit Wednesdays

What can you expect here? Well, it’s all there in the title. Expect to sit beside the Hudson River. Expect to see a blockbuster Hollywood hit. 

Every Wednesday. 

It’s that simple, and that’s what makes Hudson RiverFlicks Big Hit Wednesdays so much fun. There’s no agenda. Just spread out your blanket, break out the snacks, have a seat, and enjoy.  

What? You forgot snacks?

No problem. 

Free popcorn awaits. Plus, other snack and beverages are available for purchase. 

3 More Big Hits

Every summer guarantees one thing: it always goes by too fast! 

You have three more chances to see some big hits at Pier 63 in Chelsea.

Hidden Figures is playing Wednesday, August 2. 

La La Land will light up the park on Wednesday, August 9. 

And Logan will claw its way onto the outdoor screen on Wednesday, August 16. 

Pier 63 happens to be just minutes away from each of our hotels, and it’s especially close to The Evelyn and Hotel Chandler


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