Enhance Your New York City Marathon Experience at Triumph Hotels

October 11 2017 | Events

In 1970, the first New York City Marathon had 127 competitors. Their course was a simple repeating loop around the Park Drive in Central Park. Only 55 runners finished.

Contrast that to this year, which registered 98,247 applicants. Needless to say, the New York City Marathon has grown to become a landmark endurance event. It’s now the largest marathon in the world, and this year’s marathon will be an amazing experience. What started as a contained course that looped through the same few miles quickly became a tour through all five boroughs of the city. What began as a one-day experience, now spans multiple days and multiple events, all in honor of the grit and determination of the human spirit. Other marathon week events include the TCS New York City Marathon Expo, Poland Spring Marathon Kickoff, and TCS New York City Marathon Eve Dinner.

Any Triumph Hotel is a great choice for your stay during the TCS New York City Marathon, but the finish line is closest to Hotel Belleclaire, Washington Jefferson Hotel, The Iroquois, and Hotel Edison. And if you’re staying at Hotel Edison and Hotel Belleclaire, they have something special to support your race experience.

Hotel Belleclaire Marathon Perks

Hotel Belleclaire will be providing a special dinner full of carbs and protein — pasta and chicken — the night before the marathon in the hotel’s lobby. On the morning of the race, guests will receive take away bags with water, bananas, and a health bar.

Hotel Edison Marathon Perks

Hotel Edison normally hosts about 250 European runners and spectators for the marathon. The hotel staff supports the runners with a special breakfast menu, customized to dietary needs for the days leading up to the race. On the morning of the race, the hotel lobby has bottled water, bananas, and granola bars for the runners to grab on their way out.


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