Reserve Your Delicious Baking Session at Mille-Feuille

September 12 2017 | Events

Have you ever tasted a delicious, authentic French macaron and wished you could bake some yourself?

Wish no more!

Back by popular demand, the Mille-Feuille bakery cafe is once again offering pastry baking classes.

All Triumph hotel guests get a 25% discount on the classes, which are held at Mille-Feuille’s downtown location on West 3rd. St. & Laguardia Pl.

Enjoy more than two hours of hands-on learning led by a Parisian chef in the heart of Greenwich Village. Mille-Feuille offers separate classes dedicated to learning about baking macarons, croissants, eclairs, choux, and even the legendary mille-feuille pastry itself.

The master pastry chefs at Mille-Feuille are experts in creating the world’s most delectable treats.   In your class, you’ll use the same meticulously sourced ingredients that Mille-Feuille uses to create their scrumptious array of sought-after pastries.

And the best part? When the class is over, you’ll leave with a box full of your own baked treats!

Classes fill up quickly and reservations are taken on a first-come-first-served basis. Sign up today!

Mille-Feuille Macaron Recipe

Macaron Shells:

Sift together in a bowl:

  • 430 grs confectionary sugar
  • 430 grs almond powder

Then add:

  • 140 grs egg whites


In a Kitchen Aid bowl, whip gently then speed up the process when the sugar melts and boils:

  • 140 grs egg whites
  • 3 grs dried egg whites

In a pan, cook at 245°C the following and pour on the whipped egg whites:

  • 430 grs regular sugar
  • 140 grs water

Create the batter by adding the meringue to the macaron shell batter.

Pipe macarons on a tray.

Wait 30 to 45 minutes minimum at room temperature.

Bake at 320°C for 12 mins (to be adjusted in your oven).

Ganache filling:

Bring to a boil 95 grs heavy cream

Pour on the following:

230 grs Ivoire Valrhona (35% white chocolate)

20 grs of Pistachio paste



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