Solo In The City: How To Make The Most Out Of "You Time" in Manhattan

November 24 2015 | Travel Tips

When you stay at the Washington Jefferson Hotel you’ll be surrounded by a variety of things to do in NYC by yourself. In “The City That Never Sleeps,” you’ll discover a vast array of opportunities to immerse yourself in iconic New York treasures. Whether you’re interested in art exhibits, discovering new cuisine or meeting new people, there is no better place to explore than in Manhattan.

After discovering the many things to do in NYC alone, enjoy a relaxing and secure retreat to your comfortable guest room at Washington Jefferson Hotel. Don’t forget to stay connected with loved ones back home and tell them all about your travels using our complimentary high-speed Internet. Utilize our guide for solo traveler activities in New York when staying at Washington Jefferson Hotel.

However you choose to spend your time in New York City, you’re sure to embark on a memorable journey marked by some of the most stunning architectural landmarks, unparalleled shopping and a dining experience that takes you around the world within the comfort of one city. Go ahead, experience New York however you want to and make the most out of every getaway with our solo traveler guide.



Top of the Rock

(212) 698-2000


(212) 708-9400

New York City Ballet

(212) 870-5570

Metropolitan Museum of Art

(212) 535-7710




(212) 581-1581

Maria Pia

(212) 765-6463


(212) 399-9265




(212) 246-0386

Saks Fifth Avenue

(212) 753-4000

Tiffany & Co.

(212) 755-8000



Avanti Nail & Spa

(212) 757-1269

Snowflakes Spa

(212) 315-5788


(212) 581-1398

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