Uber vs. Yellow Cab in New York City

July 20 2017 | Travel Tips

You may know Uber. But Uber in New York City is on a different level, especially if you’re accustomed to cities that are less active. Plus, in New York City there’s alway the option to take a traditional taxi cab. 

Since the advent of the automobile, taxi cabs have been at the center of New York City life. The iconic yellow cabs ferrying up and down the avenues are unmistakably a part of the city’s character and culture. 

But then came Uber. So which should you choose?

Well, as with many choices in life, it depends. 

Do you know where you’re going?

If you don’t know where you’re going, take an Uber. You’ll be able to track your ride in the app. Most yellow cab drivers are trustworthy, but every so often there’s one who will take the long way to rack up your fare.

Are you in a rush?

With so much to see and do, time can fly by in New York City, especially if you’re on a trip, meeting new people, or are unfamiliar with the city. When you’re in a rush, take a cab. There’s bound to be one passing by and they’re easy to hail.

Do you have small children with you?

If you have kids (or are in a large group), Uber might be the better option rather than trying to hail a cab with multiple kids in tow. Yellow cabs in New York City are allowed to transport a maximum of four adults. However, if you are catching a cab with your kids, children under seven are allowed to sit on an adult’s lap. 

Are you traveling late at night?

The cab industry has been regulated and refined over decades and official cab medallions in New York City can sell for as much as $1 million. While Uber has a rating system that works to vet bad drivers and riders, if you want added peace of mind in case of an accident or other mishap, a city-sanctioned yellow cab is a good choice. 

How’s the weather?

Cabs in New York are more difficult to hail in the rain, so when the weather gets wet you probably want to get out the Uber app. 

Do you want to save money?

Cabs are generally less expensive than Uber, and, arguably, more “New York.” So, they’re a great way to save a little money and experience the city as generations of New Yorkers have: cruising to your destination in a classic yellow cab. 

So, the good news is, when in New York City, you only have to tap your phone or raise your hand to get a ride. When you combine the advantages of taxis and Uber, you’ll be able to get around the city as quickly, safely, and efficiently as possible. And remember, our staff at any one of our hotels is happy to help you find the best way to your destinations, including help with yellow cabs.


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