Lanterns Keep cocktail bar
Lantern's Keep at The Iroquois New York

An Innovative Cocktail Bar in Midtown NYC

Lantern's Keep at The Iroquois New York

Careful curation, innovation and artfulness are the hallmarks of the Lantern's Keep experience, offering New York City's most inspired cocktails in a unique, prohibition-era atmosphere. Tucked away inside The Iroquois New York, Lantern's Keep delivers innovative cocktail concepts and a speakeasy vibe to the heart of Midtown Manhattan.

Sip a timeless classic like an Old Fashioned, order a stately and strong Manhattan Cooler, step out of the ordinary with one of the staff's signature renditions, or select a spirit and let the bartender do the rest.

Lantern's Keep Hours:

Monday through Friday: 5pm – midnight
Saturday: 6pm to 1am
Sunday: closed

Learn more about this unique cocktail bar in Midtown NYC – visit the Lantern's Keep website.