Best Desserts in Downtown NYC

January 19 2015 | Dining

New York City offers a vast selection of restaurants and coffee shops with all different types of foods and desserts. But more options you have harder it is to choose the right one. And when we say the right one we mean a truly good, one of a kind dessert ,the dessert that will blow your mind with its rich flavor and consistency. We explored few places in the city and here is the list of five top dessert destinations in the Big Apple that you must visit.

Union Square Cafe

Union Square Cafe has been offering great food and service to New Yorkers for almost 30 years. However, only in past four years this place really bloomed with fantastic selection of desserts. Thanks to it’s pastry chef Sunny Raymond. Try Pumpkin Cheesecake ($9.50) with toasted pumpkin seeds. The texture is more like a smooth mousse than a cheesecake. On top, a thin nest of crisped carrots add a pleasant crunch, and the whipped cream is flavored with toasted coconut. The cake’s beautiful colors and mild sweetness make it easy to love. Another dessert we love is the Banana Tart ($9.50). Imagine a banana tarte tatin, except with a crunchy brûléed crust and a well-baked butter cookie base. It’s just a tart perfection. Don’t hesitate to try Raymond’s crème brûlée scones, which remind of a less sweet Macao-style Portuguese egg custard tart. They’re available all day and in the brunch pastry basket.

21 East 16th Street, New York, NY 10003


Cookshop is one of the most popular brunch spots in the City, located conveniently right next to the High Line. Unfortunately  is not well known for its great desserts from pastry chef Amanda Cook. There are two must-order items on the dessert menu. The first is a textural masterpiece called the Bourbon Pecan Pie Sundae ($9). A deeply flavorful bourbon caramel ice cream is paired with crunchy candied pecans and pieces of pecan pie crust. Instead of chocolate or butterscotch sauce, a more subtle sweet brown sugar honey is drizzled into the glass. You’ll need the extra long spoon they provide to make certain you get each component in every bite.

The second one is Chocolate Deliciousness ($9).It delivers chocolate four ways: a moist fudge strip, a milk chocolate ganache, a dark chocolate ganache, and an airy malted milk chocolate mousse. Crunchy dark chocolate pearls and whipped cream round out the dish. In our opinion this dessert is a chocolate perfection.

156 10th Avenue, New York, NY 10011

Chikalicious Dessert Bar

New York’s first dessert-only restaurant,  that was opened 11 years ago by Chika Tillman and husband Don. And despite opening two more shops in New York and expanding internationally, they still work their own New York kitchens. Their new West Side Dessert Club offers seven different seasonal plated desserts that can be put together into a three-course tasting with drinks for $32. We recommend the Steamed Apple Pudding Cake with warm vanilla anglaise and shredded apple. This moist apple cake sits in and soaks up the fragrant, lightly sweetened vanilla custard. The combination of the spicy cake and sweet vanilla makes this dessert irresistible. Another great dessert is Mocha Hazelnut Trifle is a slightly heartier dessert that features a memorable white coffee ice cream. A square of light chocolate cake that’s been soaked in coffee syrup sits in Frangelico pastry cream, whose smooth texture is contrasted with crunchy toasted hazelnuts. A generous scoop of white coffee ice cream, with a strong coffee flavor, sits on top.

203 East 10th Street, New York NY 10003


Otto has been drawing locals and tourists alike for years for their great pasta. But this place has not only great food but amazing ice cream as well. Their pastry chef Meredith Kurtzman delivers consistently mouthwatering sorbet and gelato. The must-order is the Olive Oil Copetta ($11), which starts with a buttery, grassy olive oil ice cream and heaps on accompaniments that change with the seasons. Tart citrus curd and granita, fresh fruit, and herbs bring out all the fruity, pungent, and grassy flavors of olive oil for a sundae that shows that unusual dessert  ingredients can be even better option.

15th Avenue, New York, NY ‎10003


We love it’s $20 three-course dessert tasting. Like the savory side of the kitchen, the dessert offerings change nightly, but co-owner and pastry chef Fabian Von Huske always uses seasonal ingredients in clever ways.

He is best at light desserts that bring a multitude of flavors and textures. The Roasted Sunchoke Mousse at first seems like a simple plate, but fresh apples are used five different ways. Underneath a fluffy whipped mouse sits a thin layer of caramel made with reduced apple juice syrup. The result is a sweet and acidic apple caramel. Pickled apples balance the sweet of the caramel and dried apple bits add some crunch. A subtly flavored apple granita finishes things off in cool, refreshing way. Popcorn Parfait with a delicious concentrated grape juice and salty-sweet popcorn powder. Rice Pudding featured peanut butter custard with coconut snow and peanut brittle. For the lightness, flavor, creativity, and price point, this tasting is like nothing else in New York.

138 Orchard Street, New York, NY 10002



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